Monday, October 22, 2007

LG enV

The LG enV has everything; EV-DO high-speed technology, V CAST, VZNavigator, Wireless Sync, a QWERTY keyboard, a large internal screen, dual stereo speakers, and an external memory port. It has a 2.0 megapixel camera & camcorder with autofocus and lens cover, and bluetooth stereo support for listening to music.
I bought this phone over the weekend. So far I love just about everything about it. The QWERTY keyboard makes texting fast and easy. The buttons are placed with enough space between them that even someone with large fingers could easily hit the correct buttons. The camera is better than any other cell phone camera that I've used. The speakers have great sound, I love listening to music on this phone. I've already purchased a 2 GB micro SD card for it. The only cons I've found so far are the phone itself is somewhat large and bulky. The front screen could have been bigger, you really have to look closely to read things on it. My biggest pet peeve about this phone though are the color choices, there's the plain silver, green and orange. I went with silver, because to put it frankly the orange and green were both ugly. Overall I'd give this product an A -.

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