Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Backstreet Boys - New Album "Unbreakable" In stores TODAY!!


 Brand New Album "Unbreakable" In stores






Thursday, October 25, 2007

Too Cute

I saw this on icanhascheezburger.com and had to share.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Toilet Paper Bazooka

With halloween coming every teenager could use one of these. Fire toilet paper into your lease favorite neigbors trees with ease. I found this on ebay, the auction is for a set of plans to make a shoulder powered toilet paper bazooka. Apparently this thing can fire toilet paper, stuffed animals, t-shirts, confetti, popcorn..you name it. If anyone actually makes one of these things I'd be interested to hear about it. The ebay auction for this item can be found here.

Halo UV-ST Ultraviolet vaccum

Looking for a way to kill dist mites, bacteria and other germs in your carpet without chemicals? Now you can with Halo's UV-ST Ultraviolet vacumm. It's UV-C rays kill germs while sucking up dirt. Retail Price $499, available at www.GetHalo.com

LED shirt

This could be a fun gift. It's a t-shirt with built in LED. These shirts are now available in sizes small through XL, and only cost $40 plus shipping. They can be ordered online at ComputerGear.com.

Want to add a little fun to your computer? These novelty computer keys will do just that. Each key has a double-sided tape base so it can stick to any surface. They come in sets of 8, one of each icon: alien, martini, coffee, bare feet, ticking bomb, sunglasses, skull and crossbones, and piggy. On sale now for $9.99. Available exclusively at ComputerGear.com.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


These days people are spending more time infront of thier tv's and computers and less time excersising. How do we fix this? Steelcase has the answer, they've designed a new product called the Walkstation. It combines computing and excersising. I don't know about you, but I have enough trouble concentrating on my work without trying to excersise at the same time.

Staples soon to stock dell computers and supplies

Beginning November 11th, 2007 Staples will begin carrying Dell Desktop PCs, Notebooks, Printers and ink cartridges. This change stems from declining Dell sales. Earlier in the year Dell started selling their PCs in Walmart stores.

You know your a video game nerd when...

You know your a video game nerd when you start wearing shoes like this. Heely's created this new shoe for Xbox 360 fans. However the only way you could get away with wearing something like this would be if you were 7 years old. And even then it's iffy.

Hyundai Cell Phone Watch

Hyundai (yes the same Hyundai that makes cars) is releasing a new cell phone watch. The watch is called the W-100, it's a cell phone, a watch and a 1.3 mega pixel camera all in one. This W-100 features Bluetooth, Micro SD, a touch-screen with stylus, and an MP3 player.

This phone would be great for those of you that are constantly loosing your phones, but for the rest of us the design just seems impractical. If it were able to switch from a watch back to a regular phone, and vise verse I might be interested.

The sock Britney ran over is now on Ebay

The authentic sock of the camera man that Britney ran over is now on EBay. View the auction
here. Thus far there have been 49 bids, and the auction is at $680! There's still over a day left, so if you want to own this authentic Britney memorabilia, get bidding. Oh and the Video of Britney running over the camera man can be found here.