Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hyundai Cell Phone Watch

Hyundai (yes the same Hyundai that makes cars) is releasing a new cell phone watch. The watch is called the W-100, it's a cell phone, a watch and a 1.3 mega pixel camera all in one. This W-100 features Bluetooth, Micro SD, a touch-screen with stylus, and an MP3 player.

This phone would be great for those of you that are constantly loosing your phones, but for the rest of us the design just seems impractical. If it were able to switch from a watch back to a regular phone, and vise verse I might be interested.

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cangel said...

Great idea but, as you say, I have trouble with its functionality. I would need to carry a magnifying glass with me at all times. And what if I need to know the time while I am holding a conversation with someone. Or I want to take a picture of something great that is happening. Some things are best separate for me.